Here are 3 of the easiest and best ways to capture the target audience you want to market your business and branding to. Keep it simple, elegant and genuine. 

  • Wear your best-bold color. Thats right, adding a bold color will draw eyes to your profile right away. 

Red - is the color of power. If you are trying to use your images for business marketing,  Red, is the color for you! 

Blue - the hue of trust and sensibility and sophistication. Men and Women can both be an authority figure wearing blue. If you want the appearance of a true expert, Go Blue! (There are tons of complimentary colors to blue.)

If you want to know about some other spectacular colors, check out this link. https://www.business2community.com/marketing/10-colors-that-increase-sales-and-why-0366997

  • Engage the camera. Your business portrait is a visual handshake with global scale. Nothing beats an image that shows your enthusiasm. So, make sure to lean into the camera, as if you were actually giving a firm handshake. Leaning to far back or uptight/upright appears apprehensive and stand-off-ish.  Leaning too far in feels like you are intrusive, overbearing and invading personal space. Make sure you meet half way to show you are eager to work hard.                                                                                                         
  • Take your time. Don't be so eager to start shooting. Get in the zone - Getting a great image takes a small amount of work between the photographer and subject. Allow yourself to relax and be in the moment. Take a breath, close your eyes and count to ten slowly. Speeding through your shoot will only make you feel anxious and rushed. Your viewers might see this in your image. Yes, your photographer wants to get a good shot, but sometimes the good ones are worth the wait. 

Now - Go Kick Butt!

Marcus Araiza, CPP

Certified Professional Photographer | Atlas Studios Bay Area

Marcus St. Marcus

Internationally published author, photographer, and filmmaker Marcus' most recent children's books, The Tiger & The Turtle, and Bella Umbrella are available worldwide. In 2016 he is releasing is 4th book, The Kings Pebble - a coming of age story for fathers and their sons.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Marcus studied in Rome, Italy and graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in Radio-Television-Video and Film. As a photographer and award winning filmmaker, Marcus has worked with Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and web titans Google and YouTube. Currently Marcus is represented by Tate Publishing and Enterprises as well as RAE Agency model management.

Currently, Marcus is visiting schools throughout California motivating people of all ages in fulfilling their childhood dreams. He is a first degree Pit Bull Jiu-Jitsu purple belt and medalist.