Treating our clients like family!

In an online world, communication is often misunderstood. Emails, texts and other online communications do help speedy chatting, but how often is a warm voice and an understanding ear? At Atlas Studios Bay Area, we treat each one of our valuable clients like family, which is important for 3 very big reasons.

1: Listen to your customer. What are their wants, their present and future needs. Listening to clients is very important to us, because sometime we miss the mark talking over an important concern. Listen, take good notes, reiterate to the client in your own words what you think they are going to need and express a sincere interest in their ideas before talking over them. We're all ears!

2: Body language. Expressive hand gestures, grins, smiles, eye squishes and the ever so often gasp, might let you in on what the client wants and does not want.  Texts and emails don't let you see what we see during our in person meetings. We love to have a sit down over coffee, beer or glass of wine when we get the opportunity to connect with our clients. When you begin to foster a trusting business relationship, you'll find that your work flow becomes much easier.

3: Being Genuine. It's important to not to put on a fake mask with your clients. In the end they will find out who you truly are. Practice on being sincere, warm and positive with the person you are meeting with. Listen, give your feedback and connect with them. It doesn't always have to be about business, just about being genuine.

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Marcus Araiza, CPP

Marcus St. Marcus

Internationally published author, photographer, and filmmaker Marcus' most recent children's books, The Tiger & The Turtle, and Bella Umbrella are available worldwide. In 2016 he is releasing is 4th book, The Kings Pebble - a coming of age story for fathers and their sons.

A San Francisco Bay Area native, Marcus studied in Rome, Italy and graduated from San Jose State University with a B.A. in Radio-Television-Video and Film. As a photographer and award winning filmmaker, Marcus has worked with Sony Pictures, Columbia Pictures, and web titans Google and YouTube. Currently Marcus is represented by Tate Publishing and Enterprises as well as RAE Agency model management.

Currently, Marcus is visiting schools throughout California motivating people of all ages in fulfilling their childhood dreams. He is a first degree Pit Bull Jiu-Jitsu purple belt and medalist.